About Us

David is a husband, father, residential real estate investor, and mentor. He personally coaches local people striving to provide for their families while doing good in their communities. His wife is a fair trade social entrepreneur who loves helping to make a difference in some of the world’s most vulnerable communities.

Quitting high school at age 15 so that he could start college, David has always been an out-of-the-box thinker and do-er. Since 2013 David has devoted his career to the buying and selling of many unique houses in a variety of creative ways. Challenging homes and difficult situations don’t scare him – in fact he thrives on the positive outcomes that he provides for both the buyers and sellers.

David’s expertise is in reviewing the goals of home sellers and home buyers and setting them on a path that best fits with their unique objectives. David is actively involved in philanthropy, business, financial problem-solving, and creating win-win outcomes. He specializes in homes in his own backyard – the Inland Northwest – Spokane, Coeur d’Alene, Eastern Washington, and North Idaho.

Rent To Own Northwest is a real estate investment company. All properties are either owned by us or the company has a purchase contract and/or option with the owner of the property, which we may assign to third parties. Rent To Own Northwest does not provide REALTOR® services to the public or to any of the parties to which it has contractual relationships.