Sell A Home

We buy properties in any condition or situation. We are not real estate agents, so we don’t want to list your house; we want to buy it. We can advise you on the best approach to sell your home quickly within our network of active buyers.

Buy A Home

About 82% of the market cannot qualify TODAY for financing and typically needs to improve their credit to do so. There are other buyers with good credit looking for a way to buy now while they save instead of renting while they save.

Any Questions?

We understand that many buyers and sellers are going to have questions about the rent-to-own process, so we created a series of videos that answer a handful of the most common questions we’re asked.

Rent To Own Homes

We’re here to help you!

Owning a home is truly the American Dream. Buying a home can be a difficult process, especially for those with poor credit, no credit, and/or a limited amount to invest. A Lease to Own, also known as Rent to Own, option may be just for you!

Smooth Sailing

We mean it when we say that buying or selling your home has never been this easy!

Lease To Own Home Specialists

We aren’t bankers or real estate agents selling homes for someone else. We are either the owners or have a legal equitable interest in the property. All the normal rules concerning credit, debt ratio, and proof of income are thrown out the window. Since we own the homes, we can be very creative with the financing and structure it to fit your needs.

No Credit Or Bad Credit?

Since we own these homes, many times (depending on your circumstances) we are willing to finance all or part of the purchase ourselves or lease to own them to you. During the course of the lease, you can use a credit consulting service that we will refer you to and, whether you end up purchasing or not, you can decide which course of action to take with them.

Part Of A Trusted National Network

We’re not fly-by-night landlords or novices in this business. In fact, we’re part of a large, national network of Rent To Own real estate investors. You can learn more about the National Property Team by visiting

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